So I read online around April 1st that youcan fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit.

Naturally, even though it wasApril 1st I was intrigued and I decided to try it on my own.

Even if it didn’t endup fixing the cell phone, at least I got to learn the basics of car windshield repair.

The iPhone 5C is 100% functional except for the cracked glass on top of the screen.

Therepair kit comes with glass resin and plastic shields that help the resin cure smoothlyover the crack in the windshield.

First I’m going to go ahead and clean the screen off.

The point of windshield repair is to get the resin in-between the glass chunks inside theglass itself and this makes the crack effectively disappear.

Normally on a car you would usesome suction cups and a pressure pump to squirt the resin down into the chip or crack, butwith a cell phone, the added pressure might crack the LCD.

So I tried to “v” downinto the crack with a little razor blade hoping that the resin would absorb in.

Once the resinis applied, I can put the plastic curing strips over the top.

This helps cure the glue whenplaced under sunlight.

With UV light from the sun, the glue will dry or cure within5 or 10 minutes.

With this UV light from my shop it will only take about 2 or 3 minutesto cure.

After the glue is cured, you can peel off the plastic and scrape the hardenedresin off with a razor blade.

The windshield resin did not hide the cracks completely,but it did make the cracks much smoother.

It also made the phone smell toxic, so that’sa plus with holding it up to your face.

So it looks like the myth is more or less busted.

A windshield repair kit works well on windshields, but not on a cell phone.

One thing I woulddo differently if I try to do this again is see if I can get more pressure on the glueto force it down inside of the crack and help it hide there.

Either way it was a fun project.

I learned something new and hopefully you did too.

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Hope to see you around!.