Alright so in today's video I'll be teachingyou how to replace the basttery off your Zte Zmax.

Model number Z970.

Build number, Z970_MetroPcsV1.



If you're in need of some pretty inexpensivetools, you can fin the link down in the videos description below.

You will need a phillips screwdriver, anda prying tool is ahhh.

I don't know optional.

Fuck it it's optional i'm using my nails.

Let's get started.

There's a total of eighteen clipping mechanismsrunning along the inside of the back cover panel, making this by far the hardest partof the repair.

Let's just see what'll happen when you don'thave the proper tools to repair your device.

Take number one.

Fingernails Vs.

Back panel.

Go! Notice how I didn't remove the sim card andSD card tray to show you the importance of having the proper tools.

Note to future self.

Fast forward this partof the video because I new I'd struggle.

Once opened.

You'll notice the mid frame isheld in place by ten screws.

This does include the one hidden behind thissmall piece of paper.

You will need to remove all of them in orderto gain access to the internal components of the phone.

Once all the screws has been removed, peelaway at the mid frame from the top of the phone,.

Followed by the bottom.

Now bend over and spell run because U R N.

Spellcheck me if I'm wrong.

This here is a 3400 mAH Battery.

It is oneof the highest capacity smartphone batteries out today.

The battery is held in place by sticky adhesivestrips beneath it.

It can easily be removed with a non-sharp,thin,, curved, spoon handle, and a little patients.

Gently slip the spoon handle just beneaththe battery and work your way around it using this sea saw movement.

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't get thisright the first time.

I gotta dangerous flick of the wrist.

Once you can completely lift the battery fromits home, carefully disconnect it, and swap it out with a new one.

Putting the phone back together is prettyJerryRigEverything.

Put in the replacement part and connect it.

Now properly align the mid frame and clipit back in place.

Put back the ten screws, and slap the backpanel back on and you're done.


What the? Congrastulations.

Glad you made it to thispoint of this video.

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I'm Bendji D.

herefrom Get Fixed.

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I'm out.