If some keys of your laptop have stopped working or if they dont work at times ,then this is a perfect fix for you here as can see some of my keys are not working, i am tyoing in the searh bar and only some keys show up n not working e works just fine so what u gonna do is check online how to dismantle your keyboard for your laptop.

In my case its Acer 5830tg.

i have my keyboard seperated! we are looking for this black cable that goes in the mottherboard this cable right here.

we have to clean the side tht goes inside or u can clean both the sides.

in my case i do both the sides.

use some isoppropyl alcohol to clean it and some earbuds or some doctors spirit will do the job but the alcohol content should be 70% or more.

more the content the better it is.

lets get into cleaning dip off the excess on some clean cloth.

after its done reassemble ur laptop nd your keys should start working.

ill show you in notepad , now all my keys should work.

as you can see all my keys work perfect.

thats all!! thanx for watching.

Nd leave a like if it helped you.