Courtney: Yes, it is time for Nerds on Callto come to the Christmas gift rescue.

What's cooking, good looking? That little guy over there.

Ryan: That's little Jack.

Courtney: That's little Jack.


So here's the thing.

You guys, Ryan and Andrea, you came in, youbrought some really fun stuff.

Ryan: Yeah.

Courtney: But my first question is, if yougive somebody an electronic gift, like it's an e-gift, how do you wrap that so that it'sfun to open? Ryan: Well, so here's what I would do is Iwould print out a picture of it, like a picture of the logo or something, put that in a boxand then wrap that up.

Make it look kinda nice.

Courtney: So things like Spotify.

Ryan: Yeah.

So it's a last minute gift.

You're like, "Oh my gosh, what am I gonnaget my mom? I have no idea.

" So if she's already using Spotify or she'sa music fan and she's using the free version or Pandora or she's watching Hulu, but withall the commercials in it, you can gift them a subscription to that and it's kind of alast minute thing.

You don't have to go to the mall.

You don't have to do anything.

Courtney: Exactly.

Ryan: You don't even have to leave the couch.

You could just sit there and hang out at yourcomputer and just find this stuff.

But here's another cool way.

So normally, we'd run out and get a bunchof gift certificates, right? There's a gift box where you can actuallysend gift certificates in a gift box and every month, they get a different one.

But here's something that's even cooler.

So imagine if they're a pet lover.

This is called PupJoy.

Courtney: And these are subscription boxesthat come, like, every month.

Ryan: Yeah.

Courtney: We love these.

Andrea: And you can decide what your frequencyis, though.

Courtney: Yeah.

Andrea: And this one's cool because it's gota lot of customization you can choose.

Do you want just treats? Treats and food? Do you want accessories? Do you want a bigger box because you've gotmore than one pet? Do you have special dietary needs they canadjust? But this is awesome.

This is this month's Dog Perignon.

Courtney: Dog Perignon.

Andrea: Bacon and salmon.

Courtney: There's no taste test.

Andrea: No, no.

Ryan: But the toys are checked for durabilityand they've got organic treats in there, so it's nice and safe and it starts about 29bucks a box.

And if there's something in there you don'tlike, you can return it.

They also donate $2 for every gift box thatyou do.

They donate to adoptions and spay and neuter.

Pet rescue.

Courtney: Okay, now talk to me about thislittle setup right here because I feel like that is speaking to us.

Andrea: This speaks to us, yeah.

This is our crew.

Ryan: That's Geek Fuel.

This starts anywhere from $23.

90 a box or$68.

70 for a three-month subscription.

Here you get five to eight items.

The promise that each box will have about$50 worth of value in it.

You'll get toys, comics, collectables.


Like, for example, Jack's got.

Courtney: I love it.

It's a Gryffindor scarf.

Ryan: Yeah, he's got a Gryffindor scarf overthere.

Andrea: Nice and cozy for the wintertime.

Courtney: Now tell me real quick.

I want you to talk to me about this one becausethis subscription box actually comes with full-size.

Andrea: It does.

Courtney: Full-size gifts.

Andrea: Makeup ones often come with just thelittle tiny sample sizes.

This is full sizes and it's not that expensive.

It's either $21 for a month or it's $59 forthree.

But you can actually use this stuff and it'sthemed.

So this is, like, all in that purple familybox.

But they also have product as well, so it'slike a lip scrub.

But I mean, full size? Courtney: Yeah.

Andrea: Dude.

Courtney: I love it.

Ryan: And last but not least, let's say they'rea foodie.

So this is called Love With Food.

It starts about eight bucks a month and oneof the cool things about this is, again, you've got organic, but you also have a gluten-freeoption as well.

Courtney: Nice.

And I like that price point, too.

Ryan: You can get the taster box or you canget the full box and these are just really great.

They're little snap boxes.

Courtney: Fantastic.

Andrea: Yeah, that $8 a month for the tasterbox is superb.

Courtney: All right.

And we're gonna link all this informationto our website for Nerds On Call.

It's at gooddaysacramento.

Com under Show Informationand today's date.

More deets on the fun stuff you guys broughtin.

Nicely done, guys.

Nicely done.

Ryan: Oh, yeah.

There you go.

Courtney: It's back over to you.

Man: Merry Nerd-mas to you all.