Today I have in front of me a very well takencare of Galaxy S7.

The worst part about it is that the camera lens is cracked, so youcan’t take pictures.

The rest of the phone works fine, but with a cracked camera lensyou’re missing one of the most important features of the phone.

Today I’m going toshow you how to replace the camera glass with a new lens so that you can take clear picturesagain.

The hardest part of this project is making sure that no glass dust gets insidethe camera unit.

And I’ll show you why in just one second.

It is really hard to findquality glass lenses.

Most replacements you’ll find online will be clear plastic that youcan bend or fold, but taking a picture through plastic isn’t near as good as taking a picturethrough glass.

I use Bonafide Hardware glass lenses because they are actually glass.

Igot two so that I could show you that the glass is real.

This lens fits the Galaxy S7and the Galaxy S7 Edge; both of them are the same size.

I will link the Bonafide Hardwarelenses in the video description of this video.

You’ll need a heat gun for this project.

This is important because you want to soften the adhesive under the broken glass so thatit doesn’t shatter more as you remove it.

The more your old lens shatters, the moreyou risk getting glass into the camera mechanism and killing your focus abilities and yourOIS, the stabilization.

I’m also going to use a clear piece of tape.

I’m going totake my heat gun, or you can use your sister’s hair dryer, and heat up the glass of the cameralens until it’s too hot to touch.

Then I will quickly put tape over the cracked lensand try to pull off any loose bits of glass that I can find.

If you end up with a holein your lens this project becomes a lot easier.

I got one little piece of glass off but thatwill be enough to start.

Now that the glass is cooled down I need to reheat it to softenthe adhesive again.

Then, holding the phone sideways so no glass falls inside the cameraunit, I can lift off each piece of glass individually.

The warmer the adhesive is the easier it willbe to do this.

You can warm up the phone as often as you need, just make sure not to overheatit and damage the camera.

Only go until it is barely too hot to touch.

As you can seethe lens is mechanical, so it has moving parts.

If the glass dust gets inside of the camera,it will stop working.

The OIS will stop, and worse, the focusing will stop.

Sometimes itwill start focusing again after a couple days when the glass drops out, but it’s betterto avoid that all together and just be careful.

So now I’m going to clean up the extra adhesiveand the glass bits inside of the frame.

If there are any glass bits still in there whenI press my new lens into place, the new lens will crack because of that pressure point.

So make sure all the glass dust is off.

If there are gaps in the adhesive from the newslens that you put on, then regular dust from your pocket might seep into your camera lensover time.

So make sure it’s as clean as possible and don’t get anything on the unprotectedcamera unit.

Clean off both sides of the new glass lens, making sure there are no smudgeson the underside since you won’t have access to it once the new glass is in place.

Rememberthat you are working with glass, so if you aren’t super confident you might just wantto buy two lenses in case you break one.

You shouldn’t leave your camera unprotectedfor very long.

Make sure that the adhesive is still on the glass side of the lens afterremoving the adhesive protection.

Then drop your new lens into place and line it up insideof the frame.

Remember if you press too hard you might crack the new glass, so be gentle.

As you can see I did retain all of my focusing abilities with this Galaxy S7.

Being supercareful with the glass does pay off.

Thanks a ton for watching.

I did link all of theparts and tools you’ll need for this project down in the video description below.

If youhave any questions leave them in the comments.

I do respond fairly regularly.

And all ofmy behind the scenes stuff can be found on my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Thanksa ton for watching.

Hope to see you around.

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