I'll show you how your at Samsung Galaxy S5 can change the camera glass.

Distant to please the back cover Remove the phone and the battery entfrenen Heats the camera cover short Removes the cover with a pair of tweezers or small tool Now try also with a narrow tool to remove camera lens Pay attention not to damage the eingentliche camera or the lens on it.

Or to contaminate with fingerprints.

The splinters of glass may be sharp use gloves if you do unsafe since.

Removes any remaining adhesive residue.

Removes the protector of the new camera lens.

Pay attention here also it not to leave fingerprints.

Set the camera lens in the recess.

Take the new framework and away the skins.

Set the frame on the smartphone.

That's it already.

In the description of your links findett to spare parts and tools.

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Source: Youtube