Today I’m going to show you how to removethe color on the back glass of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

This works for the Samsung GalaxyS6, S6 Edge, Note 5.

Basically any phone with the back glass.

Removing the back glass isprobably the hardest part of this whole project, so make sure you watch these videos very carefullyto see how the glass is removed on your device.

Mostly all that is required is a heat gun,a suction cup helps and a pry tool.

Once you have successfully removed the back glass withoutbreaking it.

getting the color off is fairly easy.

I took a razor blade and slide it betweenthe hard glass layer and the medal film on the back.

You can see that once you get itstarted it peels off fairly easy.

It is stuck on pretty tight.

With a little bit of forceand persuasion you can pull it right off.

It doesn’t leave any reside behind eitherwhich is really nice.

Another bonus is that the glass is tempered.

So even though I amusing a razor blade the glass itself is not going to scratch because it is very scratchresistant.

One thing to remember while doing this is try to keep the glass flat on thetable that you’re working on.

If you do flex or bow the glass at all while you’relifting up it can snap in half.

The scratch resistance of the glass does make it morebrittle.

So a bend will break it.

You can see that it peels off mostly in once piece.

If it ever does break just start over again and pull the rest off.

Now that the glassis clear you can take a little bit of double sided sticky tape.

I will link this in thevideo description along with replacement backs if you end up breaking yours.

You can findall that stuff linked in the video description of this video.

Now that the back glass isclear you can do all sorts of things.

One you can just put it back on the phone againor you can slip a picture of your girlfriend under there, favorite deity or even your favoritepresidential candidate.

Here’s some other pictures of other people who have accomplishedthis same thing.

Thanks a ton for watching the video.

Hope to see you around.

Source: Youtube