So you're computer's on the fritz right now or it's totally out of commission.

And you need help fixing it.

You could go to the BIG BOX stores But they're so big that they don't treat you very well, they nickle and dime you, and sometimes they lose your stuff.

You could try to do it yourself, but we all know what that's like.

Why not call Brians PC Repair in Missoula Montana.

Brians PC Repair is so small the tech team is made up of just Brian.

Brian has decades of experience fixing computers and he can fix just about any problem you have.

And not only will Brian fix your computer, he includes special services you can't find anywhere else.

Like Brians free computer clean up, future proofing your computer with his protection, and ad blocking setup to block all those annoying ads you see on the Internet.

Call Brian today and he can drive to you.

Brians PC Repair.

Serving Missoula Hamilton Lolo and everywhere in the Bitterroot Valley.