iPhone 6 Display Assembly Repair Warning: You are performing this repair at your own risk We claim no responsibility for any damagesthat might occur To perform this DIY repair, you will needa – Plastic Triangle Opening Tool (Item # 5-0007,Available at www.


Com) Suction Cup (Item # 5-0020, Available at www.


Com) Fine Tip Curved Tweezers (Item # 5-1370, Available at www.


Com) Professional Phillips Screwdriver (Item # 5-2432, Available at www.


Com) Professional iPhone Pentalobe Screwdriver (Item # 5-2433, Available at www.


Com) Power down your iPhone 6.

Remove the two bottom 3.

4 mm Pentalobe screwslocated next to the lightning connector.

Place a suction cup near the home button.

While applying firm, constant force, use theplastic triangle opening tool to work around the display assembly and separate it fromthe iPhone 6 rear case.

The display assembly is still connected tothe iPhone by several cables, so don’t try to remove it entirely just yet.

Remove the following 5 Phillips screws securingthe metal bracket to the motherboard.

Now use the fine tip curved tweezers to removethe metal bracket and disconnect the LCD, digitizer and front camera and proximity sensor cables.

Remove the following 3 Phillips screws securingthe earpiece speaker bracket to the display assembly.

With the tweezers remove the bracket and then the earpiece speaker.

Gently pry the front camera and proximitysensor ribbon cable away from the display assembly.

Remove the following 2 Phillips screws securingthe home button metal bracket in place.

Disconnect and peel the home button ribboncable away from the display assembly.

Remove the home button assembly.

Remove the 7 Phillips screws that secure theLCD shield plate to the display assembly.

Peel up the adhesive securing the home buttoncable connector to the front panel and remove the LCD shield plate.

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