Hi, my name is Phillip.

And today I am goingto bring you another gadget mechanics repair tip of the week.

Do you have an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S or 6 thathas a headphone tip stuck inside the jack? Here at gadget mechanics, we experimentedwith several things and found a solution.

When tweezers and sharp objects can’t geta broken headphone tip out of the headphone jack, the entire charge port gets replaced.

I think we have found a solution that doesn’trequire any parts, a heat gun and long sharp metal object.

First, remove the iPhone screen and battery.

Next, make sure you are not near any flammableobjects.

Plug in your heat gun, turn it on, and make it stand facing up.

Wait for about a minute for the heat gun toget hot.

Do not touch the top of the gun.

Next, stick the sharp metal tool like a metalpick at the edge of the heat gun.

Wear protective heat gloves.

Wait for about a minute for the tip of themetal tool to get hot.

Don’t go over 1 minute.

Finally, turn off your heat gun.

Use yourmetal tool and quickly press against the back of the headphone jack to push out the stuckheadphone tip.

There are no wires or sensitive parts in theback of the headphone jack so this will not damage the charge port.

This technique onlyworks with the iPhone 5 through iPhone 6.

You can also use a soldiering iron tip todo the same thing.

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Well, for now,thats all we have, please tune in next week for the next gadget mechnics repair tip ofthe week.

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