welcome to my video on repairing you iphone this method works on any apple iphone and covers all issues so first up your going to need a computer preferably a pc but this method works on mac aswell then your going to need a search engine if you have windows 10 on your machine and you open up your browser you might get this shit dont stress its harmless its just another bad joke from microsoft anyway lets head over to a search engine i use google but there are others i think type in buy lastest android phone –iphone if your using google it has this cool shopping feature find yourself a phone – click shop go to the website hey presto, just enter your shipping details, pay the man wait a day or so and worry no more all your iphone trouble have gone away now.

using this method you get spare parts left over such as a shiny turd and possibly some headphones you could sell your shiny turd, but dont put it to good use like a paper weight or fish tank decoration but resin coat it first, you dont wanna kill your fish or as i like to do, take your frustration out on it and fuck it the fuck up what are you waiting for, its not gunna suck itself.

Source: Youtube