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So I have two cracked, but still completelyfunctional iPhone screens in front of me that have already been removed from their phones.

The black one is an iPhone 6, the white one is an iPhone 5.

You can watch my previousvideos for the screen removal process.

This particular video is JUST explaining the DryIce Glass removal.

I paid about 5 bucks for this block of dry ice.

Now, iPhone screens are made up of a few different layers.

The important layers that YOU need to worry about is the top layer, which is just glass.

Under that you have the digitizer layer and the LCD.

Both of those are fused togetherin one unit.

And is about as fragile as an egg shell.

You think I'm jokingabout that egg shell stuff? But I'm not.

Its VERY fragile.


normally when a tech does a 'glassonly' repair.

They either have super expensive refurbishing equipment, OR it is possibleto use a heat gun to bring the phone up to 100 degrees Celsius.

To melt the glue betweenthe Top Glass and LCD layer, it is a difficult and painstaking process.

Now, I was on thephone with TECH MD, another YouTube channel about a week ago, and we were talking aboutthe new Liquid Nitrogen machines that can FREEZE off the glass.

These liquid nitrogenmachines can get down to -140 degrees Celsius.

Which is incredibly cold.

But the machinesalso cost thousands of dollars.

Now, Dry ice, while not as cold as liquidnitrogen, gets to about – 80 degrees Celsius, and is available at most grocery stores.

SoI was curious to see if that was cold enough to accomplish a 'glass only' repair.

AND IT WAS! Asyou've seen, I set the broken glass screens on the dry ice, and let it sit for about 5-10minutes to get to temperature.

Then I can lift the screen up and gently twist it inmy hands to break away the glass from the LCD.

When I tell you to be gentle.


It's like trying to flex Doritos without cracking it.

I was also able to use a razor blade and playing cards to help persuade theglass off the LCD.

The iPhone 6 screen was easier than the iPhone 5 screen.

The nice thing about dry ice is that it isnever actually a liquid.

So you don't have to worry about liquid damaging your screens.

It goes from a icy solid, to a gas through a process called 'Sublimation' Now.

thisis also important to know.

because Dry Ice is made up of Solid Carbon Dioxide.

Carbondioxide is not as good as oxygen when it comes to staying alive.

so make sure to open anywindows in your car or kitchen when you are transporting this stuff.

I don't want anydead Do-It-Yourselfers out there.

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I am going to test the iPhone 6 screen byplugging it back into the phone.

And everything functions! Yeah Science! It still has glueresidue on the screen, so I still need to clean that off, Apply the liquid optical adhesive, and the new glass layer: BUT ALL that will be explained at minute mark 8:20 in the linked video.

Dry ice is also extremely cold and can BURNyou.


Ice can burn.

Treat it like a hot coal from a fire, wear gloves if you haveto touch it directly.

I imagine that with a 5 dollar block of ice like this one.

anexperienced tech could repair about 4 or 5 phones before it sublimates into oblivion.

The more glass I remove from the screen, thequicker the screen warms up.

So I have to keep setting it on the block of ice to cooldown and get the glue brittle again before I can break off more glass.

The iPhone 5 was much more shattered thanthe 6.

But with my razor blade I could put a little pressure on each shard of glass andbreak it off individually.

It is much easier to work with a cold phone than a hot phone.

When I do this repair with heat it is blazing hot and almost untouchable the entire time.


for those of you attempting to do thisrepair.

Keep in mind that even though both of my phones were successful, ive been doingthis for a long long time.

For noobs, the success rate is very low.

I've broken hundredsof screens trying to get good at this.

So it might be more cost effective and healthieron your sanity to just buy the complete screen and install that, instead of attempting thebrain surgery equivalent of cell phone repair.

As you can see the iPhone 5 is also fullyfunctional.

If you want to watch the glue cleaning and Liquid optical adhesive application,and the installation of the new glass, click this link to watch the video starting at the4 minute mark.

Make sure to keep the LOCA glue off of the edges of the LCD, so it doesn'tseep into the backlight.

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