Today I show you the repair at a Samsung Galaxy S5 NEO in this device the screen is cracked, you need the following tools a flat tool or Opening Tool, a spatula for cleaning the frame a heat gun for heating of the display and of course a new replacement screen Glass replacement should be possible to bring here, however, nothing, while the display is completely destroyed it is also the first S5 Neo I fix What is striking, the old S5 was at the back even a flex cable for softkeys that is no longer available at S5 Neo, We begin with the fact that the phone is switched off remove the battery cover remove the battery the screw on the back has no relevance to solve the display so we start the edge of the display at about 80 degrees Celsius to heat and try with a small tool to solve the display from the frame respects at the bottom of the softkeys if you have solved both edges of the adhesive We now solve the lower side comes with the tool gently down the screen so you will not damage the softkeys if you have a small slit, the have not glued the soft keys on the display glass ensures if that is the case, try using tweezers to solve these problems carefully what you see is the black tape, which adheres the display unit to the frame which is quite persistent if you certainly since the softkeys located below can you also try wegzuhebeln the display We are now trying through this gap to work our way up pushes the tool once completely fits in the upper portion on the connecting cable of the display so you do not damage the connector on the motherboard when dissolved sowiet, heat the display again above Press the display then upwardly away then did you here the cable that connects the display to the board is over the cable a plastic cover please this raushebeln once it is removed, remove the cable with a plastic finger and can deduct the entire screen upwards Here you see the additional adhesive strip, which fix the old display after the display has dissolved, We now clean the frame thoroughly take the new display, removes all skins ensures that its the old Diswplay the dust guard is still available specifies the new display unit, the top flush with the frame, and connects the flex cable back to connector the screen fits into the frame and lowers it down carefully checked that it sits flush before you it presses firmly insert battery again close cover so that the display change the Samsung Galaxy S5 NEO is finished Tests at the end all device features I thank you for spectating let me like a thumbs up there or a subscription if the repair has geklapüpt with you, please let me in the comments.

Source: Youtube