We change now the speaker of a Samsung S4 mini as tools you need a Phillips screwdriver tweezers and a flat tool so we start the phone off and remove the back cover entnehmem the battery now solves all screws on the back with a flat tool we pry now the back cover from the display off goes to the tool between the narrow gap of back cover and display and pries these backward away the speakers located at the bottom of the cover permanently installed we must remove the component lower and replaced by a new how do you think is plugged with some force, it can be removed downwards and insert the new speaker that was repairing what you can control their addition is connected to the two contacts on the back cover here shall have deposed dirt or damage the Konatkte be then the repair is quite pointless looks easy if everything is in order is the cover to the mini Samsung S4 Now screw the screws removed again that was repairing then places a battery and testing functions I thank you for watching, if you liked it then me please leave a subscription or thumbs up with any questions or comments, a PN.

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