Today we repair the SIM- and SD-Slot of a Samsung Glaaxy S4 The following tools are necessary an opener a Phillips screwdriver a screwdriver also the sparepart which we gone replace first, open the battery cover take away the battery take away the SIM-Card and the SD-Card loosen the screws on the back loosen the display from the back work your way around the frame loosen the frame the part, we would like to change is this one loosen the contact the part is just clued to the device to loosen it, we heat it up the best point to start, is an the right bottom corner that´s it the sparepart has a folio remove it clue it on the board on the bottom left corner is a contact align the sparepart there put the cable on the contact on the board the SIM- and SD-Slot is repaired close the backcover check that the edges are closed put the screws back in apply the SIM-Card apply the SD-Card apply the battery close the battery cover Done.

Source: Youtube