Paul here.

The first line of defense forkeeping your phone running really fast is to uninstall unnecessary apps, close outrunning apps in task manager, clear your RAM, and if necessary, reboot yourphone.

This takes care of ninety percent of problems.

However, lately my phone is runningreally hot and really slow, especially mobile browsing, so the first thing wedo is clear the cache partition.

Let's see how to do that.

Alright so after turning off your phone,you wanna put this into recovery mode and check that out: Google "recovery mode"for your model phone, I've got a Samsung Galaxy S II Hold in bothvolume buttons up/down and the power button at the same time when that Samsung icon comes on letgo, we got: reboot system, apply updatefrom sdcard, wipe data, factory reset; if you really get in a pickle you can do afactory reset but we're just gonna "wipe the cache partition" here ok then clickthe home button to confirm and you'll see that cache wipe complete and hithome again to reboot the phone into normal mode.

I cleaned out the power jackin there it was filled with junk, lint, and there youcan see I got that really clean.

All I did was take a very fine knife and gentlytook out all that junk in there and then hit that with the compressed air.

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