Alright, today we’re going to be takingapart the Galaxy Note 5.

In this video I’m going to show you how to take off the back,replace the screen, charging port, and everything that’s inside.

You are going to need a heatgun to heat up the back of the phone in order to take off that back piece.

As well as agiant suction cup.

This particular one is just a windshield mount where you can takeyour phone and mount it to your car windshield.

I’ll link all the parts and stuff down inthe video description below.

Make sure to take out the S pen as well as the SIM cardslot, otherwise you’ll have problems opening your phone later on.

And then heat up theback of the phone.

You want to heat it up consistently all over the top and the bottom,and the middle of the phone so that it’s too hot to touch.

Once it’s too hot to touch,then you can take your suction cup; put it around the bottom is where I started off with.

And then just lift it up just barely enough to slip a metal pry tool underneath.

Use athin metal pry tool.

If you use like a razor blade or something thicker, it will put toomuch pressure on the glass and it’ll break the glass.

I’ve had that happen before.

Once the back is up high enough, you can take a playing card or something thin and slideit between the glass and the phone so that it doesn’t re-ahdere back down to the phoneagain.

If it gets hard, heat up the phone a little bit more, cuz the phone cools downfairly quickly.

So the more you heat up the phone, the easier it is to take off the back.

This is a lot harder than it looks.

I’ve sped this part up a little bit so that itdoesn’t take up as much time in the video, but it is really difficult to get the backoff the phone.

You can take your playing cards and just kind of slice through the adhesiveall the way around the backside.

You can see the white adhesive peeling off of the phone.

And now the screws.

So there are 20 Philip size screws all the way around the back ofthe phone.

You can take those off.

I will link all the tools you need in the video descriptionas well.

And then the back of the phone you just pop off from the motherboard.

You cansee that there’s a little bit of adhesive along the top that you have to remove as well.

You can see here that there’s these contact points for the QI charger.

Those will justrest up against the motherboard.

And really quickly I’m going to show you how to replacethe camera lens.

There’s this little groove up along the top, you just take a razor bladeor a thin pry tool and just pop that camera lens off.

And the camera lens itself willcome in two parts.

Usually the metal frame and the camera lens.

And you just re-adherethose together and put your new lens down into place if yours ever gets broken or anything.

Pretty straight forward.

Now for all these little ribbon cables.

They’re kind of likelittle Lego pieces.

They latch on and you can just unsnap them.

You can see we havethe ear piece, the screen, and down here we have these two wire connections as well asthe little ribbon cable for the fingerprint scanner.

Make sure they are all out of theway while you lift up the motherboard.

And there’s one more ribbon cable connectionright down at the bottom, and that’s for the charging port.

So snap that off and thatbrings up the motherboard.

Now that we have the motherboard we can look at the cameras.

The cameras also have the same ribbon cable connection, also a waffle connection thatyou can just unsnap like a little Lego piece.

You can see both the cameras are right here.

Just snap them back into place; it’s also fairly easy.

Just take them, line them upover the little slot and press them down.

Here’s the little vibrator motor.

It’sa tiny little guy for such a big phone.

You can see both the contact points that justrest up against the motherboard like a lot of other components on this phone.

So here’sthe charging port.

Kind of an interesting way they installed this thing.

There are thetwo wire cables on top of it, and then one little screw as well is holding it down.

Butyou can’t lift it off at this point because the menu button and the back button are wrappedunderneath, underneath the glass of the screen.

So they’re between the plastic and the screenwhich is really annoying.

And with the Galaxy S6 Edge it would just pop right off and thenyou could just replace your charging port right there.

So in order for us to replacethe charging port we have to remove the mid frame from the screen.

So we have to takeoff the battery first.

Same thing with this, I’m just going to heat it up with my hotair gun and make it so that it’s too hot to touch and then slide…just kind of pryit up with my pry tool making sure not to slice it underneath because the battery willrip and you’ll have to replace it if it breaks open.

And then I can take my playingcards and kind of slice through the adhesive underneath, since it’s not metal the playingcards are a lot safer.

Now the battery’s off.

Kind of interesting, you can see thedate up here at the top of the battery.

And so right here you can see the plastic framepressed up against the screen.

There’s no glue along this little inside.

So I’m goingto take my playing card and just slide it up underneath this spot.

And then heat upthe bottom because there is glue holding the glass onto the plastic frame.

Now I’ve takenmy little pry tool and slid it between the plastic and the glass.

Kind of where thatbutton slides down between the two layers.

Once they’re separated I can take my playingcard and slide it between them to make sure they don’t stick back together again.

Andthen treat this the same way you did the back of the phone making sure it’s consistentlyhot because as soon as it cools down, that adhesive is going to re-adhere and be reallyhard to separate.

So be consistently heating up the plastic frame on the screen.

And thisis really hard as well.

Make sure you do not bend the screen at all or the LCD will crackand you’ll just need to buy a new screen.

Here is the screen.

It comes with the LCD,the glass and the digitizer.

They are all one piece and so if you break one of thoselayers, either the glass or the LCD, you’ll just have to replace the whole thing.

I don’tthink a glass only repair is possible with this phone.

I’ll be very impressed if someonecan do it.

Now that the screen is off I can work on the charging port.

You can see thatthe buttons are just wrapped around that back plastic.

So once you pry those off the chargingport comes loose from the plastic frame and you are good to go.

I will link the replacementcharging ports and, you know, all the other parts down in the video description just likealways.

You can see that the home button as well can be replaced.

It just slides throughthis back hole in the frame; very very similar to the Galaxy Note 4.

Up here with the earpiece,just really quick, I’ll show you how these come out.

There’s this little metal latchthat pops up and the earpiece and proximity sensor are all in one unit.

So I’m goingto unplug those and then slide them back in their little slots and pin it back down again.

So to replace your new charging port, it will come with its own adhesive usually, if you’renot putting your same one back down again.

So just pin those buttons back around in placeand then you can take your plastic and put it on top of the screen.

New screens willalso come with their own adhesive.

If not, you can use double sided tape that I put inthe video description.

You can see right here there is a little groove in that mid framethat sits right underneath between the LCD and the glass layer.

So make sure that it’slined up and it’s not going to pinch against that when you press down again.

Now we canset the motherboard back into place making sure to clip the charging port to the bottomof the motherboard first.

Then you can take the rest of these ribbon cable connectionsand pin them back down where they came from.

Pretty straight forward.

Take the little wirecable connections and put them down into place as well.

And the battery slips in on top ofthe mid frame.

Plug that into the motherboard.

I usually do that last so that there’s noelectricity coursing through the board while I’m working on it.

It’s a little bit saferway to do things.

And then the back frame goes on.

And then at this point you can turnthe phone on because that power button is connected again with the two little contactpoints.

Everything looks like it’s working so I’m going to put those 20 screws in place.

And then if you buy a new rear back, it will come with its own adhesive.

But, since thisis my old one I’m just going to use the double sided tape.

Put that down.

Push theback into place and everything works.

If you have any questions be sure to ask them inthe comment section below.

Make sure to watch the bend test as well.

I found that prettyinteresting.

Thanks a ton for watching! Hope this video helped you out and don’t forgetto subscribe!.

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