Welcome to a further repair on my channel.

Today I show you how to repair only the glass with a Samsung Galaxy Edge smartphone, this repair therefore works with all Edge smartphones from Samsung S6 Edge S6 Edge find plus and Note Edge and I can tell you, it was not easy out how that works best, but I've actually done it, although it is not Perfect but it works.

Incidentally, spare parts and tools can be found in the video description linked just read through times.

So let's not waste any time take your tools in your hand and let's get going.

Here we go! So let's start first we turn the Samsung from remove back cover and the Battery pack.

Next, we take a normal hair dryer set it to the highest level and heat the glass so we can remove it easily.

Caution, the glass should be pretty is to be her will you surely fingers slightly burn so USER in any case gloves.

My fingers have extremely gentle to the accustomed burns, so I do not need any more gloves.

Do not let you out deceive.

With a Shallow metal tool you must now try the glass gradually to remove.

Please pay also strikes a wear glasses since the glass in all Directions fragmented and trust me you want to have no glass in the eye.

Another thing that is very important, you shall in no case, the film viewed under the glass is removed, no matter how it is damaged.

Normally would I remove them as they look for the color and is responsible, but my experience has shown that if the probability of the film is removed quite high the you damage it.

So let definitely off.

In between you can check whether the display still so does your work not in vain, and as you can see it works even make wonderful so on.

Incidentally larger pieces of glass must try to individually destroy part to be simple depart.

Pressing it a corner of the glass up and brings it to in items to break.

I Try different method and this was the most effective and thereby the display is flexible, it can take a lot, but you must not forget the temperature keep of about 80 °.

Once the glass is completely down, we take a toothbrush and isopropanol and clean the small pieces of glass and adhesive crumbs from the display.

try Caution Under no circumstances completely settle the glue otherwise you makes the film blind and we can not use.

Nevertheless, we can not get around it, the film on the camera to remove otherwise can you make no more selfies, simply the film on the site with a hangover knife cut through and solve.

Then take Thin Double-sided tape and paste the smartphone once fully around it, trying it better protect the camera through small dams there may attain unto no means glue and of course you are not allowed to glue in the visible area bonding.

Now disconnect the film.

Then we take LOCA UV glue and let it slowly strikes tiles best in a bone shape, and as you can see here very nice disappear the spots on the Display.

Next, assume the new glass and let it slowly slide down her therefore work should slowly be no bubbles.

As soon as the glass on the Glue is pressed in the corner as the first firm to allow the adhesive rausfliest only on the sides.

Once the glue verge corners is reached you have to make the under Allow to harden the UV lamp, which you do on both sides ensures that no Bubbles about to hold as long as the finger on it until the glue hardens.

Then allow the Samsung for 5-10 minutes under the lamp harden completely.

So now we take the phone and clean it of all remaining LOVA UV adhesive.

Incidentally, it may be the glue even 1 or 2 days which has not become kind rausfliest and your glass and fingers smeared At some point that is then passed so do not worry.

The last check we do if it works correctly and behold your Samsung Galaxy Edge looks like new.

So folks, I hope I could help you, if so give me a thumbs up.

should ye trust this repair will be found later in my video description the links the spare parts and the tools that I use also.

Just everything read.

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