What's going on guys.

Bendji D here from getfixed and today I'll be teaching you how to take apart the Samsung galaxy s6 edge Plus.

The tools needed for this repair is a heat gun of some sort, your sisters blow dryerwill do just fine.

A blade, some cards, a prying tool, and aPhilips plus head screwdriver.

I'll explain what that's for later.

Let's get started.

Before you begin, be sure to eject your sim card tray.


Start by heating up the back panelwith the heat gun until it's unbearably to hot to touch.

Second, take a blade thin enough and carefullywork it into the crevice of the phone where the back glass and frame meets.

Make an indentationthick enough to work a portion of the card in.

The card will be used to prevent the backglass panel from sticking back to the frame of the s6 edge Plus everytime you move theblade.

I use the method of having the two ends ofthe card sticking out from underneath the panel while I work it through the sticky doublesided adhesive strip.

From there, you could do one of two things.

You can choose to use your fingertips or a prying tool to remove the back off completely.

If you're looking to replace it, the replacement part will be linked in the description below.

Under the hood you'll find 18 silver screws,use the Philips screwdriver to remove them in order to access any internal components.

Once the screws are removed the process of separating the screen assembly and the frameis as easy as eating junk food.

Wedge something in between where the frame and screen meets,work the object around the screen until it is completely off.

Now we're talking.

Replacing an s6 edge Plus broken camera lensis quite easy, simply take your blade and pop out the old broken lens and swap it outwith your new one.

You can also replace the camera itself by disconnecting the flex cablefrom the phones motherboard.

The replacement part is linked in the description below.

Unclip the speaker, battery, and these littleconnections.

Also disconnect the LCD and digitizers cable in order to remove the motherboard.

Now let's discuss replacing the screen.

Itis nearly impossible to separate the LCD and digitizer.

The LCD is the display that lightsup, the digitizer is this curved edge glass that sits on top of it.

I will pay anyone$1,000 that can teach me how to separate the two because like I said before, it is nearlyimpossible.

Therefore you don't want to buy the digitizer alone, order the whole screenassembly that comes with both the LCD and digitizer.

It is pretty expensive but we'llworth it if you don't wanna buy a new phone and lose your precious apps and importantcontacts.

The charging port on the s6 edge can be replacedbut on the s6 edge plus you'll find that there is a cable from it lodged in between the LCDand plastic frame, I'm sure that's possible to replace But it's definitely going to bea pain in the ass to do so.

Here comes the good part.

Putting it all backtogether.


Clip the charging port back into place.

I recommend placing the flexcable of the charging port under the motherboard and apply some pressure to the motherboarduntil you here it clip.

Don't forget to connect this.

Make sure these two little terminals are connectedproperly, without it, the incomplete circuit will cause your phone to have no signal.

Proceed by connecting the LCD and digitizer,battery, proximity sensor, and the ear speaker used during calls.

Respectively place the frame and screen backwhere they belong.

Slap them 18 bad boy wanna be, knuckle headed silver screws juxtapositionto the next, back in its place.

Now the last step is to place the back glasspanel back where you found it.

If the replacement back did not come with new adhesive stripsand you don't wanna wait for a new one to arrive, then I recommend placing the panelback on and heat that sh*t up.

It's guaranteed to stay.

And that should be it.

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