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Today I will give you the new Samsung Galaxy imagine and natural S6 Edge we watch us together on how easy or difficult it is to repair the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Incidentally, in my video description finds its parts and tools which I also use, so just read through times.

I would say, let's just put us get started.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been provided by the company Kaputt.

De available repair " going out ".

The Samsung Galaxy S6 I have you already presented and today I present you the brother of the S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, before.

The package itself is just simply kept as his brother, the only difference is merely the addition of the name, which is the Edge.

I'm curious whether the so passeth through through the entire review.

In the package itself, we have the S6 Egde, here in White, who then we Klolektüre, also known as operating manual, a USB cable, a power adapter, headphones and also a Simkartenöffnungstool.

Now we come to the device itself.

It is extremely keep weird and unfamiliar the device in his hands, since the edges clearly pointed feel than imagined.

This is because these are the rounded edges, but overall feels the Edge quite noble and like it very much.

Nevertheless, I have the Feeling that the S6 Edge is quite slippery to the touch, so I recommend you definitely Case, a protective cover, otherwise you will Dauergast with me on the channel when you glass goes again broken.

The smartphone has a 5.

1 inch Super Amloed Display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and on the back has a Samsung Back Cover with Gorilla Glass 4 installed.

That is better against impact damage and other Damage protection, I hope that it does what it says, because the cell phone is quite slippery in his hands.

The main camera has a total of 16 megapixels and the selfie camera has 5 megapixels, nearly 3 megapixels more than its predecessor the S5 and it shows, because the photos look much better.

Here again a small test recording of both cameras.

On the battery pack is not so easy coming off, as in the normal S6, was also a made smaller step backwards, but as you can change him, you see the same.

Overall, the phone already is very similar to his brother, the only truly distinctive sub Scheid, in fact, just at the bent edges and of course the price.

Whether the edges really are worth the money, I dare rather doubtful.

In any case, the glass repair is as good impossible and since we are already at the point arrived at which we wanted to go.

We look again together, how hard it is to repair the S6 Edge and above all Things look how the simplest to the battery ran comes.

So let's start.

First we turn the power off and remove the SIM card.

Then we take an ordinary hair dryer and heat the back cover to about 80 degrees.

Then we carefully remove with a razor blade and a flat plastic tool the Back Cover by adhesive.

Warning, it is not as simple as shown here, you have to very carefully work, so that the back cover not breaks.

Next we eliminator total XXX screws.

Now we carefully lift the QI NFC antennas and press gently with our fingers against the battery and remove the middle frame.

On the middle frame are more glued components, once the XX, XX, XX, XX which you can remove easily, if you do need to change times.

Next, we can connect the battery disconnect, differently from the normal S6, one does not come directly off, one must first remove the board or at least slightly Lift.

But first we solve first all connections on the motherboard.

Then we can lift the board from the top down and the underlying Flex cable disconnect.

If you ever have to replace the two cameras, can separate their connection and remove the camera.

goes In front camera it simpler since it is not necessary to change the board.

And now we can solve the battery with a flat plastic tool.

On the lower side, we have the audio jack, the menu keys and the Home button unit, which can be easily solved and switch screw by removing from XX.

If you ever earpiece, have to change the light sensor or the ambient microphones, can you simply loosen the glue.

So and as a last resort, we do not have our display, I will not remove it from the back, because I know that it otherwise immediately broken would go, because it is quite sensitive and I do not for a destruction video need.

That's why I recommend the display can only be solved by the rear plate, if it's defective.

My conclusion on whether the Edge to repair well is that the Galaxy S6 Edge the S6 Although quite similar, although grade are the main components such as the display and the battery a little more difficult to reach or switch.

There is a lot easier to change the menu and home buttons unit because you sure do not have to remove the display.

But overall, it can be quite good repair, if you have not just two left hands.

So folks, that was my Review and Repair Video for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I hope it has you like, and if so would appreciate a thumbs up.

If you offer him repair trust, can be found in the video description all links to spare parts and tools that I use also.

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