Welcome to TutopolisTV today I will show you how the glass or the digitizer with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Changes.

Incidentally, spare parts and tools which I also used can be found in the video description linked just read through times.

So let we do not lose any time and place directly get started.

So first we turn the Galaxy Tab from.

When next we go a flat plastic tool between back cover and center frame and try the back cover of the clicks to solve.

Warning this process can something takes longer remains patient to damage anything.

Then we separate the battery connection and the digitizer flex cable.

Then we take an ordinary hair dryer and heat the glass to approximately 80 ° so that we can simply remove.

So now we have to try the glass or the digitizer from the adhesive to loosen you can all the tools for use with the comes her best clear that only what are you must pay attention that is their damaged the display below in no case or zerkratz, otherwise the repair is much more expensive.

Respect of glue is quite persistent you should from time to time the hair dryer so that it keep it going easier and absolutely protective goggles while wearing since the glass rather quickly in all directions breaks.

The good in the adhesive is that it is completely stuck to the glass which saves us the Cleaning work on the middle frame.

Next, assume the new digitizer remove all protective films, slide the Flex cable through the slot and press the glass to solid.

I recommend you a glass buy has already mounted the necessary adhesive strips which can save you a lot of work.

So now we build the Galaxy Tab in the reverse order of removal.

Flex cable and battery then connect the back cover mounting tab then turn and checking if we did everything right, if so should your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 look back like new.

So folks, I hope I could help you, if so give me a thumbs up.

should ye trust this repair will be found later in my video description the links the spare parts and the tools that I use also.

Just everything read.

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