so i have a problem with this phone this isthe Samsung galaxy s4 and it says that it could not do a normal booti have tried all the 7 methods that i can dofirst thing i took out the battery and discharge ithold down the power key to discharge the phone i turned back the battery and holding thevolume up+home button+power button wating to show something from the phonefirst step not working 2.

Step connecting to the computer holding down the down key and thehome power button ok i can't get any screen showin the scrreenand not booting up holding the power button+volume up key for 15 sec withthe power cord on and still nothing not booting at allstep 2 nothing step 3.

holding the volume up power buttonand the home button ok nothing happening i have a wired problem some time it boot's up sometimenot try to hold down the volume button home buttonand power button and still nothing holding it for 5 sec nothingthe smack thing the button can stuck inside and you have to smack it down on the table orbook and first of all remove the battery maybe will than start to work smacked a lot and still nothing volume up+power+home buttonthe last thing that i did i have a second battery that is working fine on my other Samsungs4 and i am now turning it on to see if is a Battery issue the battery is inside andi will power it on something is happening the 7 take the phone vibrated but still nothingthis was the battery attemptif anyone can help me with this phone i can't afford another phone now this is the SamsungGalaxy S4 i have many things inside.

I would be very happy if someone resolves for me thisissue.

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