What's going on guys? Bendji D.

here fromGet Fixed and today I'll be showing you how to do an IPhone 5 screen replacement.

Makesure the device is turned off to prevent any shortages.

The tools needed for this repairwill be linked in the description below.

The tools needed for this repair:A prying tool, pentalobe screwdriver, and a Phillips screwdriver.

Let's get startedStep 1.

Locate the two screws on both sides of the charging port, use the pentalobe screwdriverto remove them.

Step 2.

Take a blade, insert it between thecrevice of the IPhones housing and Digitizer to pop out a portion of the screen in orderto get your prying tool in there.

Step 3.

Once opened, be very careful not tobend the screen back past 90 degree or else you'll risk ripping the flex cable.

It shouldn’tbe that big of a deal since you are replacing the screen anyways.

Locate the metal shieldcovering the connections for the camera, LCD, and Digitizer.

You will need to remove thethree screws holding down the shield in order to access those connections.

Once accessible,use something nonmetal like your prying tool to disconnect the camera, LCD, and Digitizer.

Step 4.

Transfer the camera from your old broken screen onto the replacement screen.

Proceed by connecting the Digitizer, LCD, and camera back onto the motherboard.

You'llknow it's properly connected when you feel the connections clip into place.

Step 5.

Screw the metal shield back on, align the screen and push it back into the housingmaking sure the screen does not protrude past the aluminum housing.

Last and definitely least because there aren't any more steps after this, take the pentalobesscrews and screw them back into the base of the IPhone to prevent screen from coming outwhen dropped.

And that should be it.

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