direct text.

Com presents iPhone success+ battery replacement please read the following morning before attempting thisrepair you doing this repair your own risk using a pentode screwdriver from directtext.

Com remove the tube cantaloupes crews from the bottom of the phone using a suction cup and a case openertool from direct text.

Com but the suction cup on top of the screenand lift the screen up you'll need to use the case opener tool to separate theadhesive from the screen to be able to lift it lifted up to a 90 degree angle but nofurther using a double 0 Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws on theshield that's covering the battery connector you can now remove the battery shieldcover using a plastic tried to lift thebattery cable connector there is that he's of underneath the battery so usingUS budget tool try the battery up don't worry you gonna be replacing the batteryanyways when you have this budget all the wayunderneath you can pry the battery using the leftover he's ever or installsome double sided tape go ahead and set the battery in place you now that our reconnect theconnecting cable to the connector for the battery back to shield and go ahead and screw inthe two screws now you're going to bring the screen back down and you're going tohave to line up the edges to be able to put it back in place make sure that the screen pops intoplace and goes all the way in and be sure to check all the way around thatthe screen is flush before going on to the next step of installing screws withthe screen sealed all the way down reinstall the parental of screws on thebottom don't over tighten the mantle of screwson the bottom couldn't turn the iPhone backed on younow done replacing the 60 S Plus battery for all parts and accessory needs pleasego to our website direct fix dot com also be sure to click on the screen tosubscribe to our YouTube channel.

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