Com presents the iPhone 6 ascreen replacement please read the following morning before attempting thisrepair you doing this at your own risk using a pencil as screwdriver fromdirect dot com remove the two bottom cantaloupes crews using a case opener tool and a suctioncup left gently up the screen and run the case opener tool around the edges toseparate the season with the he's of separated use thesuction cup to pull the screen up gently do not pull the way out as as cablesattached using a double zero size screwdriverremove the four screws that are on the shield in this diagram here we show youwhere the four screws are with the screws removed you can removethe shield now below the shield you're gonna find threeribbon cables and need to be lifted up using a case opener tool or plastic tillyou can pop the cable ribbon cables up start with the one on the right firstand there's one in the front that we're now doing the B-one underneath it allyou need to pop up also left gently so you do not rip the ribbon cables with the ribbon cables remove can now remove the screen for the restof the phone check on the links below four separatevideo on how to replace the proximity sensor home button earpiece front cameraand metal backplate on your new screen you now going to reconnect the screencables start with the one that was hidden under the other two now connect the second ribbon cable theone on the right lastly going to connect the third ribboncable which is the one on top before installing the shield let's makesure the screen works now that we know the screen works in ourcable connections I could go ahead and reinstall that she'll play again here isthe locations of the four screws that need to be installed keep track of thisgroup's bring this green down or resell it around the edges reattach the twopanel of screws turned the phone on and make sure everything works and you'reall set for all parts and accessory needs pleasego to our website direct fix dot com also be sure to click on the screen tosubscribe to our YouTube channel.

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