Today I’m going to show you how to replacethe charging port in your IPhone 6S.

Before you jump into this semi difficult repair makesure that it’s not just a piece of dust or lint blocking your charging port.

You canusually reach in there and clean it out with a small brush or a tooth pick.

I will linkall the tools and parts you need down in the video description of this video.

There aretwo screws down at the bottom of the phone.

They are pentalobe screws.

Unscrew them.

Nowyou can lift up on the screen with a suction cup and pry between the metal frame of thescreen and the metal frame of the phone.

Make sure not to bend the screen at all while you’repulling it up or else you will break your LCD, and it will turn into a more costly repairthen just your charging port.

There is adhesive surrounding the outside of the phone.

I separatedthat with my plastic pry tool, and the screen was able to just lift up away from the body.

Be very careful.

Do not bend the screen up the screen past 90 degrees.

So there are 4screws here and metal plate.

I will link a free PDF screw chart organizer in the videodescription.

That will help out.

There are 3 ribbon cables right here you can just unsnapthem from the phone like Legos.

Then there’s a metal plate and screws here for the chargingport.

There’s two screws right here for the vibrator motor.

It just pulses back andforth instead of spinning around like a regular vibrator motor.

You can see the contact pointsfor the charging port.

I am disconnecting the battery and disconnecting the chargingport from the motherboard.

Pull it away from the loud speaker.

Then there is one wire cabledown here on the motherboard as well.

Be very careful with that it is fragile.

There is3 screws here for the loud speaker.

Also 3 screws here for the headphone jack, and thensix screws here just for the charging port itself.

Make sure to put all those on thescrew organizer that you printed out from the video description.

Then there is one hiddenscrew behind this black tape.

Just scrape away the black tape and find your little hiddenguy.

Remove it.

Pull up the end of this wire cable from the loud speaker and the loud speakerwill be able to pull away from the phone body.

Here’s the loud speaker it has two goldcontact points up at the top.

They just rest up against the charging port ribbon cableand that’s how it receives its signal.

Then the charging port ribbon cable can lift upaway from the phone.

Be very gentle because there are two parts that are still stuck tothe phone body.

There’s a microphone here and then there’s a microphone on the otherside as well, and it’s held in with this little plastic bit.

There is a spot on thescrew chart for that as well.

Keep it organized.

Then you can pull away the other microphonefrom the phone body.

Pull the headphone jack out from its little slot in the phone bodyas well and that releases your charging port.

You can see the contact points for the vibrator,the loud speaker, the two microphones, the headphone jack, and the charging port itself.

Here’s the empty phone body.

Take your new charging port.

There’s probably adhesiveon it, so remove all of the safety tabs on top of the adhesive.

Set your charging portdown into place and put the microphones back into their spot.

Make sure the hole linesup with the hole in the frame as well.

Otherwise your microphone won’t be able to hear youwhen you speak.

Then you can line up the little rubber piece as well.

Put all the screws backinto place except for the red one.

Leave the red one out for right now.

Get the loud speakerput back into place as well.

Once again all this stuff will be linked down in the videodescription.

Make sure to get the wire back into place, and make sure it’s pinched ontop of the loud speaker; you can see the top left there.

Now you can put in the rest ofthe screws that hold in the loud speaker, and the charging port.

You can clip the ribboncable into place, and the wire cable.

Make sure that positioned directly on top of itsconnection before you place it down.

2 screws holding the vibrator motor.

Then the lastthing you want to pin down is the cable for the battery.

There’s the 3 ribbon cablesfor the screen.

You have your front camera, digitizer, and LCD ribbons.

Make sure theyare all placed down.

Then before I put the metal plate in I’m just going to turn onthe phone and make sure it works.

Looks like everything is working fine, but if you havelike lines running through your screen or any white there is a good chance that yourcables aren’t plugged in correctly and you are going to want to re-seat them, and plugthem in again.

To get your screen pinched down into place line up the top first thenyou can slide your hands down the side and clamp it down into place all the way down.

If you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments.

I do respond fairlyregularly.

Make sure to put the bottom two screws in the bottom of your phone.

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I do more fun things then just taking apart cellphones.

Thanks a ton for watching, hopeto see you around.

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