Com presents the iPhone 6S earpiece replacement direction please read the following warning beforeattempting this repair you are doing this repair at your own risk.

using a pentalobe screwdriver from directfix.

Com remove the two bottom pentalobe screws using a case opener tool and a suctioncup lift gently up the screen and run the case opener tool around the edges toseparate the adhesive with the adhesive separated use the suctioncup to pull the screen up gently do not pull all the way out as there are cablesattached using a double zero size screwdriver remove the four screws thatare on the shield in this diagram here we show you where the four screws are with the screws removed you can removethe shield now below the shield you're gonna find threeribbon cables and need to be lifted up using a case opener tool or plastic toolyou can pop the ribbon cables up start with the one on the right firstand there's one in the front that we are now doing there will be one underneath it that you will need to pop up also lift gently so you do not rip the ribbon cables with the ribbon cables removed you can now remove the screen from therest of the phone with the screen out of the unit we are going tostart by removing the shield from the ear peace there are three screws here'sa close-up of the three screws you need to remove using some bent tweezers remove theshield over the ear piece be careful there is a gasket that goesaround the edge of the metal below it as you can see in the video you can now remove the earpieceunderneath the front camera cable to reinstall a new earpiece pleasefollow the previous steps in reverse be sure to click on our other videothumbnails and click Subscribe on the screen.

Source: Youtube