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Today I'll show you how to only the glass in a iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus changes.

This repair is not easy and is not quite perfect, but it works.

Incidentally, in my video description, finds you all spare parts and tools that I use also.

Just read So take your tools in hand and let's get started.

So let's start.

First, we turn off the iPhone and remove the two lower screws.

Next, we take a sucker, thus levering the display to light and go with a flat tool or a plastic tool between the display and back cover and then lift the display from below upwards.

Attention, the display raises too abruptly, still there the flex cable are connected.

Now we solve 5 Unscrew and remove the Metallplätchen with tweezers.

Then with a plastic tool to solve the 3 flex cable.

Then we need to remove all the components on the display, so that we the glass repair can begin.

Now removes the two screws of the Home buttons and triggers the Metallplätchen.

Then with a plastic tool solve the flex cable from the glue and with fingers the home button Press out and put it aside.

Now Raises the flex cable, which is attached to the heat shield and removed a total of 7 additional Screws before you then the heat protection simply sets aside.

Then remove the 3 screws and the underlying component, all removed, Please take care that the flex cable neither wrinkles nor damaging.

Have here we the earpiece, light sensor, ambient microphones and the front camera, should there a time be something to it, you can remove that.

After that remove the bracket of the camera and the light sensor as well as the dust, unless your new glass contains these parts already.

Attention, the holder may disappear quickly, so puts your finger on it while agree.

So that we can remove the glass the same simple, we have the central frame complete tear out, it does not attempt to clean get away, because that would be a waste of time, buys you best directly a new one.

By Kattermesser you can the corners left are also removed.

Then we double-sided tape and stick the display on the table laid.

Now we heat the display at about 80 degrees and then take a thin, stable wire and pull it from top to bottom.

To my surprise, that's extremely easy.

So now you have the double-sided tape and the glass splinters removed, so you a clean plate have.

We then test whether the display is still working and behold.

it works wonderful, but unfortunately the Polarizer is partly disposed of in this iPhone.

The has to happen with you does not necessarily mean you do happen, just follow these steps now follow.

Remove the Polarizer film with a Kattermesser and your fingers very, very careful.

Once you have removed the film, we still have the remaining adhesive residue with Fingers rub off.

Here we see again what the Polarizer, it causes the display what the outputs at all to the human eye becomes visible.

Otherwise, the display would only pure white.

So now you purify again the display thoroughly with isopropanol and a microfibre cloth and removes the first protective film of the polarizer and bring it right around with the iPhone.

You're welcome pays close it, as you install it, because it only works in one direction.

Then press the Polalrizer with a squeegee.

Next, we stick to the new glass with the center frame, if it still with you is not it.

Then remove the protective sheet.

So now we take a scotch roll and place the display on top of it so that we equal the Glass can attach easily.

Then we take LOCA UV glue and leave him a bone shape on the display flow.

Will seek to ensure that there no bubbles.

Then we take the new glass, place it on top and let it slowly down slide until contact with the adhesive has.

Caution you should at this point in Slow Motion work, because if you too quickly since, gets her air bubbles in them, and that's really the last thing we want.

Then pressed very gently around on the glass until the glue is on the verge to reach the corners, then it makes the UV lamp and as you complete the glue pressing into the corners, the adhesive should thereby cure already under the lamp, so that it nowhere where to flow to where it should not go.

After 15 Sec will you do exactly the same on the other side.

Warning you have this one try.

You should see exactly if somewhere Bubbles form because later you can no longer correct.

So now let 10 to 15 minutes to cure completely under the lamp the iPhone.

the display of the remaining adhesive now free and we can begin with the demolition.

First we bring the Hombeutton and heat protection plate again.

Thereafter, the flex cable comprising earpiece, light sensor, ambient microphone and camera Refit.

Will seek to ensure, to glue the plastic bracket and the dust, should not glue them, can use her some superglue.

Once you can have all the components on the display mounted and screwed back on her connect the 3 flex cable and tighten again with the Metallplächen.

Then press the screen down and rotate the two bottom screws pure.

So and when you have done everything right now, your iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus should look like new again.

So folks, I hope I could help you, if so give me a thumbs up.

should ye trust these repair, can be found below in my video description the Links to the spare parts and the tools that I use also.

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