Today we are going to be taking apart andrepairing the iPhone 6s Plus.

I am recording this particular video with my Note 5.

I willalso include a FREE PDF screw chart to help keep your screws organized.

The 6 and the6S are pretty much the same just a few different screw locations.

I will link all the toolsand replacement parts in the video description, right below this video.

There are two screwsat the bottom they are pentalobe screws.

Remove those.

Then you can pry up on the edge ofthe screen using a suction cup and a pry tool.

Make sure you are only prying on the edgeof the frame of the phone and the edge of the frame of the screen that way you’renot going to put any pressure on any of the components on the inside.

There is a littlebit of adhesive around the edge of the screen.

Once i have a little bit of an opening I canuse my plastic pry tool.

This will keep from marring the edge of the frame.

Once you haveit up high enough lift it up.

Don’t bend it past 90 degrees just yet.

There are somefragile ribbon cables.

Remove the 5 screws around this metal plate, and then take offthe metal plate.

That will expose these little ribbon cables.

These are just like Legos youcan unsnap them from the mother board lift them up and put them out of the way.

Thenyou can separate the screen from the rest of the device.

This is the screen right here,and there are some components that we need to remove like the home button and the earpieceand the front camera.

So let’s get started with that.

There are 3 screws along the topthat hold down this metal plate.

Remove that metal plate.

Then that exposes the front facingcamera as well as the ear piece, which we are going to set off to the side on that PDFscrew chart.

The front sensors and the front microphone we are going to pull that off.

Here’s the top component.

I will link these replacement parts down in the video description.

There’s two screws holding down the home button.

Remove that, then you can unsnap thislittle Lego connector right there, and you can pop the home button away from the homebody.

Be super careful with this.

You want to reuse your home button as much as possible.

Apple has been handing out warning messages and breaking people’s phones who have toswitch the home button.

So be very careful.

There are 3 screws along the side and oneat the top.

Then 3 screws along this other side.

That’s for this back metal plate thatrests along the pressure sensor for the screen.

Here is the 3D touch component.

If at allpossible you want to buy a replacement screen with the 3D touch already attached.

This isthe 3D touch which is attached to the LCD which is attached glass screen of the phone.

This is the whole screen unit that you will be purchasing.

We are going to go ahead andput the metal on the replacement screen that you purchased.

I will be put those links downin the video description below.

Get all 7 screws attached to the metal plate.

Then putthe same Home button that you took off back onto the screen.

There’s this pin that helpsyou guide it back into place.

Then take your little Lego connector and push that down aswell, and you’ll feel it click.

Put the metal plate down with its two screws.

Thenif you took off these little plastic components from your old screen; some new screens comewith them already installed, but it just depends on where you got your screen from.

Then youcan line up your microphone with its little plastic pin at the top there.

Get your sensorsin place.

Then you can take your earpiece and put that down making sure that littleniblet is down tucked inside that little hole.

Each of these little gold springs will lineup with that gold circles on that little ribbon cable.

It looks a little messy and complicated,but it sits down pretty well once you get them all lined up.

Here’s the metal plateget that down and put those 3 screws back in there.

Then you can take your ribbon cables,line them up and put them back down into place just like little Legos… all three of them.

Before I put the metal plate back on I just want to test it and make sure it works ifyou have any lines running through your screen or if it’s gray or discolored you mightwant to try reconnecting those ribbon cables again.

There is a chance that one of themis not sitting quite right.

Everything is looking good so I am going to turn off myphone again, and then install that metal plate.

Get those 5 screws back into place and weare good to go.

I’m going to line up the top of the screen first.

There are these littleplastic grooves that slide into the metal frame of the phone then I press down evenlysnapping it down into place all the way around the edge.

Make sure you get your bottom 2pentalobe screws in and you’re set.

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Thanks a ton for watching.

Hope you see you around.

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