Today I’m going to show you how to replaceeverything inside the Note 4: the screen, the charging port, all the speakers, everything.

Take off the back plate, the battery, the S pin and remove the 16 screws that are aroundthe back side.

You can see here along the edge that it’s the easiest place to liftup around the edge of the screen, but the back frame is still very securely adheredto the screen.

So what I do is I take a heat gun and gently warm up around the outsideof the phone.

Not getting the phone too hot to touch or that will burn your hand, butjust warming up the adhesive underneath that will soften it up.

I’ve found that it’sa lot easier to push up from the top of the phone because the bottom of the phone, nextto the charging port, is still inside and it’s a little harder to lift up down there.

So once the screen is pushed away from the frame you can lift the bottom up and out,that way the charging port doesn’t get caught.

Here is the headphone jack.

You can see thelittle gold connectors down there at the bottom that just press up against the motherboardand that’s how you get your audio.

All the replacement parts and tools will be linkeddown in the video description below.

So if you need anything go down there and checkit out.

I have it all priced out for you.

Looks like the loud speaker is attached tothe back frame and it’s not removable.

So if you’re going to replace your loud speakerfor the phone you’re just going to have to get a new back frame.

But luckily, theSD card reader and the SIM card reader are replaceable.

Just lift up that little connector;it’s kind of like a little Lego piece that you unsnap.

And then you can slide your prytool underneath the little ribbon cable that releases all the adhesive.

And that’s allyou need to do to replace your SD card reader and SIM card.

Once again the replacement partswill be down in the video description below so if you need anything go check it out.

Andwhen you go to install it again I’ve found that it’s easiest just to clip it in firstand then remove the adhesive on the back of the new part and just set it down exactlywhere the old part was.

You can release these little wire cables, including the Home Button,the ear piece and the two little antenna ribbons.

And then there’s another little connectionunderneath that the charging port uses to connect to the main board.

Unsnap that andthen as you lift up the main board from the screen you can see that there are two moreconnections back there.

And that’s what the screen uses to connect to the motherboard.

Two connections there and there.

There’s the camera.

I’m going to go ahead and liftthat up.

Same little Lego connection technology.

You can see here on the screen it has theimage stabilization and apparently in the little silver box is where the gyros are.

Pretty interesting.

Set that aside.

Then you can see the front facing camera here.

Liftup that little connection and that releases the part.

Now, sometimes when you buy replacementparts it won’t come with these little rubber doohickeys, so make sure you remove thosefrom your old parts and then put them on your new ones before you install them back on thephone.

But anyway that’s how the front camera comes off.

The heart rate sensor and the flashlook like they’re soldered to the main board so we’re just going to leave those connected.

Here’s the ear piece.

Just lift that out of the little groove.

Once again all replacementparts can be found in the video description right below this video.

So here’s the PowerButton and also the vibration motor.

So if either of those two items break, they areconnected and they have the same little contact points that the headphone jack did.

So I’mgoing to set that back into place.

And the reason I show you this is because both ofthe other buttons, the volume buttons, have the same little connection pads as before.

So if you need to replace those, that’s how you do it.

I’m going to go ahead andlift off the antenna wires from the charging port and set those off to the side.

And thecharging port is here.

Just lifts up from the body of the phone.

Now this is the hardpart.

The capacitive buttons are attached to the charging port and those are underneaththe screen, which is unfortunate.

I wish it was a little bit easier to replace.

So whatwe have to do is we have to heat up the screen.

We’re going to do the same thing that wedid with the back cover.

Heat it up not so hot that you burn yourself so that it’stoo hot to touch, but hot enough it softens the glue underneath.

And then we’re goingto slide a hard object, it could be like a playing card or in this case like a debitcard or something that you’re not going to use anymore and slide it above the capacitivebuttons, but below the glass, LCD and the copper foil underneath the screen.

And you’llsee what I’m talking about here in just a second.

I’m going to take another cardand slide it over the other capacitive button, making sure to be between the copper foiland the mid-frame.

You don’t want to start separating the glass from the LCD becausethat’s an entirely different repair that I’ll show you in a different video.

Alsomake sure to watch out for the ribbon cables in the back as well as the Home Button cablethat you can see from the back of the phone as well.

And you’ll kind of see what thatlooks like as I lift up the screen.

This whole process should take you between 10 and 15minutes.

Make sure to go slow because you do not want to damage the screen during thisprocess because that is a much more expensive repair.

Now if your screen is already damagedI wouldn’t worry about it as much.

So here we are lifting off the screen.

You can seethe ribbon cables that are attached to the top of it.

The reason I suggest coming fromthe bottom, next to the capacitive buttons is because if you come from the top, thesecables can be damaged as well.

So coming from the bottom is much easier.

Now if you wantto separate the glass from the LCD, that’s an entirely different repair and you can watchthat video here of me working on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The screens are made the same soit’s pretty much the exact same process.

Now to replace the charging port we’re goingto lift off the capacitive buttons from the mid-frame.

They just pop right off.

They’rejust held on with a little bit of adhesive.

And that’s the charging port.

I will havereplacement charging ports linked in the video description below if you need one of those.

And here’s the Home Button and fingerprint scanner.

It’s just connected to a littleribbon cable that feeds up through the mid-frame and out the back of the phone like you sawbefore.

So be very careful with this during the screen replacement.

If you need a newone go ahead and check the video description below.

Now putting the phone back togetheragain.

We’re going to set the Home Button down first.

And make sure to feed it throughthat little slot on the back of the phone.

And here’s the adhesive.

It’s double sidedtape.

I’ll link this down in the video description below.

The more you use the better.

Put acouple strips underneath and also put some on the four corners of the phone to help holdthe corners of the screen down to the mid-frame as well.

Getting those cameras hooked backinto place.

Just snapping them in like little Legos.

As well as the charging port.

Makesure to connect that before you put the motherboard down, otherwise you’ll have a problem hookingthat together.

Make sure to press the motherboard into place.

Clamp on the Home Button ribboncable to the main board.

And then make sure those capacitive buttons are wrapped aroundto the back side and pressed down and adhered with the little adhesive that comes with thenew part.

Now you can take the screen and connect it to the back of the motherboardbecause it’s much harder to do if the screen is already in place and held down with thatsticky tape.

So make sure to do it in that order.

Get both of those connections securedto the motherboard and then line up the screen with the Home Button, as well as the ear piece.

And that will tell you exactly where to press it down onto that tape that you placed earlier.

Now that the charging port is in place with the capacitive buttons on the other side,we can make sure that the ear piece is down, clamped in, just like a little Lego.

And thenwe have the wire cables down here for the antenna.

Nothing super special with these,just make sure that they’re clipped onto the little holes that they came from and alsoset into the little guiding pins.

Because if these are out of place then the back ofthe phone is not going to clamp down as well because these will be obstructing it.

BeforeI put the back down I am going to test out the phone really quick just to make sure thatit’s working and I don’t need to readjust or re-clamp on the screen connections.

Everythinglooks fine.

Battery’s out, back of the phone is on.

Now watch here: as I placed it down,I realized once again that the charging port does not go down normally.

You have to liftout the phone, put the bottom in first (like line up the charging port with the littlehole), and then you can squeeze up the body of the phone and clamp it all into place likethat.

So charging port first…the rest of the phone later.

And then you can just pressin all the corners and everything all around the outside of the phone.

Anyway, pretty straightforwardrepair.

It is very difficult.

It is hard to replace the screen but it’s definitely possible.

Make sure all the screws are in.

If you have any questions make sure to leave them downin the comments below, or suggestions or things that help you out during your repair.

I’msure it will help out other people as well.

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Thanks a ton for watching and I hope to see you around.

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