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Today I'll show you how the glass at a Samsung Galaxy S5 will change.

Incidentally, in my video description, place their spare parts and tools that I use also.

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So take your tools in your hand and let's get started.

So let's start.

First, we turn on the Samsung Galaxy from remove back cover and battery.

Next, we take a hair dryer, set it to the highest level and heat the Glass to about 80 degrees.

That is so hot that you already can easily burn to it.

Then we take a sharp tool and try to remove the first pieces of glass.

Warning, you should work very carefully at this point, because there are the flex cable menu key.

If your glass is not chipped, as in this case, you should definitely a use playing card as a tool because it prevents the destruction of the display, as exerting one less pressure and the game card forgiving.

Then you can with a flat tool the glass carefully from the menu keys to solve.

Attention, please do not use sharp tools, otherwise you could flex cable sever.

Hint: Please keep over the long repair the glass warm, which means that you have to blow again, so that the glass throughout the right temperature has from 80 degrees.

Now try with your game map to solve the glass.

Please note that the adhesive almost dissolves by itself.

Should you, however, exert too much pressure breaks the display and then you need a new and we want to prevent, therefore remains patiently.

If you have already slightly raised the glass, you can the whole thing with a flexible make kitchen knife which is a bit more difficult, so I prefer the playing cards, because as I said, the pardon a small error.

To remove the large pieces of glass you take the best left and right a playing card and oppressive always alternated have solved the entire glass with the glass to her.

Then put the glass aside and solve the outer adhesive.

Before we do now on, now comes the moment of truth, we insert the battery and consider whether our display still works flawlessly.

And lo and behold – the part runs wonderful.

Next we have to remove the adhesive from the display, the best you rub with your Finger all gluten display down.

If with you the glue very persistent be, can use to clean their isopropanol.

With a microfibre cloth we remove now the remaining grease stains.

Then we take the outer tape and paste the edge of S5.

And now there are two ways how you finish the repair, either with or without original glue, both works equally well.

In the first variant brings her the glass just as it and the repair is completed, the disadvantage the Galaxy is not waterproof and it could penetrate the dust, what you but anytime again clean can, cleans where her glass easy to remove dust and the glass again it mounted.

I recommend you first this first version, should you have any problems have and the touch is not working properly, you can now follow the second option.

First we stick up and down on the edge of the display, a thin double-sided tape it, that is to prevent the excess UV adhesive does not flow into the electronics, but from the out side.

Now disconnect the protectors.

Afterwards, we now take the original glue and leave him a bone shape running on the display.

Will seek to ensure that no bubbles are formed.

Then we take the new glass and let it gently slide down until it Contact with the adhesive has.

Note: Please do not drop too quickly, otherwise you have unsightly Blowing her later not so can simply press out.

Then you press gently on the glass rum until the adhesive reaches almost the corners.

Then you turn on the UV lamp and press the adhesive under the lamp to the corners, so that the adhesive is immediately hard and not get into the electronic.

After 10 seconds makes her exactly the same on the other side.

Thereafter, the Nokia for 5-10 minutes let harden completely under the lamp.

So and as a last resort we have to clean the spilled adhesive residue with isopropanol and examine if we have done everything right.

If so, your Samsung Galaxy S5 should now water be and dustproof.

Nevertheless, I recommend you, the cell phone in no case more at to hold water! Should you try in, then at your own risk! So folks, I hope I could help you, if so give me a thumbs up.

should ye trust these repair, can be found below in my video description the Links to the spare parts and the tools that I use also.

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