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Today you want the new Samsung Galaxy imagine S6 and of course we will dare a glimpse inside and watch how hard the equipment shall be repaired.

Incidentally, should you require spare parts and tools found all these things linked in my video description, just read through times.

Then let and no lose time and place directly get started.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is provided by the company Jucker Hawaii available.

Of the Expert on longboards.

Enjoy your ride.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally out and I can finally have a copy in the hands old.

But let's start first time all over again in the packing.

The packaging is white and looks very simple, forward we see even the font Samsung Galaxy S6 and the upper right corner how much Gigabyte has the device available.

Back on the packaging we see some specifications, but otherwise only a few Logos nobody needs.

On the sides, as we can see, we see nothing.

Interestingly, it is the top and bottom on the sides, because there are two seals.

Once the DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEEL IS BROKEN seal and on the other hand the product & IMEI numbers sticker.

That I have covered here, of course.

Let's open it out the device.

For this we again push the packing up and cut the Siegle through and already The device is less value.

Can be so simple waste of money, but joking aside.

So now we lift the lid up and look at what all is in there.

First comes us directly the Galaxy S6 in a protective foil wrapped counter.

This we put however only times aside, because his job is yet to come.

Inside there we see again another package there is anything on the toilet leak door, which anyway no one reads through, it.

Next in the box we find a USB cable for Netzadpter, headphones and a Simkartenöffnungstool.

This feather is new because previously needed I do not break contact, as far as I can remember right Samsung devices.

We come finally to the device itself, as well as remove the film and look at the Take part in a closer.

The Galaxy feels, for me as a Samsung users, very alien to, because if I the eyes close, I have to keep the feeling an iPhone 6 in his hands.

Clearly it is not exactly the same, but it feels very similar.

One thing that strikes me immediately is that it no longer crack and squeak, which pleases me very well.

Front we have a 5.

1 inch Super AMOLED qHD display fitted with 2560 x 1440 pixels and at the back the back cover of Gorilla Glass 4, here Samsung has finally gotten away from plastic.

What but also got away, the battery, since the coming to get not so just off unless you say Tutopolis TV because before me there was no component can hide, I am against all tuned and all pure – it sounds kind of pervert is on, but so and how it all works you see the same.

But first sequentially.

Below the unit we have our mini USB socket, this time without dust and water protection.

Who now wonders whether the S6 is Waterproof, I can disappoint only, No it is not waterproof, there Samsung has made a small step backwards.

To the left of the USB port, we now have the audio jack for headphones and on the right side of the microphones and speaker.

On top of the device, we even have the infrared and ambient microphones.

The front of the display, we have a 5 megapixel camera – for selfies and for me as Youtuber very important – the rear camera with 16 megapixels, here's a little test film.

In addition to the camera is still the LED flash and the heart rate monitor.

One thing I am very pleased to be the home button and the integrated fingerprint reader, because you have no more stress over it, it's enough to put a finger on it, to unlock the device.

That to me is a huge plus point that can be there while it brings already unlock from his pocket.

Here again the comparison, the Galaxy S5, on the left side and the Galaxy S6 the right side.

So now let the games begin.

we let's see together how to repair the Galaxy S6 is so.

So let's start.

When first we turn the Galaxy S6 and remove the Simtray.

Now we take an ordinary hair dryer and heat the back cover, so that we easily it can remove.

With a flat plastic tool we go under the back cover and pull it again around it and solve the back cover carefully from the middle frame.

Warning, you should very carefully here work, otherwise it could happen that you damage the back cover.

To further penetrate into the interior of the cell phone, we solve now a total of 13 screws.

We then carefully lifting the NFC antenna up high and start the display with a suction cup to solve the Middle Frame.

Thus, it is easier to do with your oppressive Fingers on the battery on it.

Then we take back our hair dryer and heat the glass at the edges, so that it is easier from the adhesive solution.

So now we have even the middle frame with the on / off and the phonetic / down buttons, then we see here again the loudspeaker and the tours mentioned NFC antenna.

space these things are only glued on it, which you can easily remove if ye exchange even need.

Now we separate all Flex and antenna cables from the motherboard.

Best directly beg by battery.

Then we can work out the board from top to bottom and the cables underlying also separate.

Then we can use the front camera main disconnect, in which we dissolve the compound and the camera rausdrücken.

Now place the board aside.

So now we can do different things dismantle here once the battery easily with a flat Metal tool from the adhesive then solve the earpieces unit and last but not least, we can Remove vibration motor.

we need to come to the USB port, menu keys and home button to remove the display and that is not that easy without destroying the display so you here very careful.

We take back our hair dryer and heat the Display About 1 minute on the Supreme Step.

Then we take a plastic tool or game card and solve the display from the frame.

Will seek to ensure the menu buttons from adhesives to solve otherwise you tear them off.

So now we can solve the Menu key flex cable from the adhesive and the single screw Remove and remove the complete USB unit.

And finally we can not solve the home button or fingerprint sensor.

And that's it, now we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 dismantled into its individual parts.

My conclusion to the Reparaturbarkeit of S6.

Ich find that very unfortunate that Samsung here opted for the variant, the battery guilty to obstruct.

Den thereby not so simple in the device comes in, the whole double so difficult to repair as the predecessor Galaxy S5.

But if you once again managed in the interior by the back cover you from the adhesive and the Mittleframe to get good at the individual Components off.

The only components which can not so easily comes off the USB EINNHEIT which is installed unfortunately below the display and to settle have to the display from free frame and the Designed somewhat difficult because the display when take them from fairly could be rapidly destroyed and then it will be expensive.

Otherwise, the device for me the best Galaxy has brought what Samsung in the market, design Top, camera and Firngerprintsensor Top.

And I would have beihnahe forget the Wireless Charging is also very Geil only drawback accessories must itself be bought.

So people that was my unboxing, review and repair video I hope you enjoyed this type the video like, if so, I'd appreciate a thumbs up might I get provided the next phone through your help.

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Sollet ye these repairs trust will be found later in my video description left to spare parts and tools I also use through just read.

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