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I am Dave and I am Michelle I was wondering Why do we still need computertechnicians when you can find a video online explaining you how to repair almost anything.

Well you can learn how to do some stuff but without prior experience the stakes of makingthe issue worst than it already is are higher than the chances of actually fixing it.

Do you know our bodies always have electriccharge which is called electrostatic charge and that zap in winters is due to that chargegetting discharged when you touch the door knob.

Our bodies can easily carry more than500V at any given time.

So when you try to replace computer parts without proper equipment,there is a great risk you damaging that component by your electrostatic discharge.

Friends dont risk hundreds of dollors to savea couple and call us now for all your computer issues.

We stand by our service so if youget same issue within 30 days after we fixing it, we will fix it for free.

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