Hai there! In this video I'll show you how you canrepair a PSD files on your Mac OS by making use of the PSD repair tool that isdesigned to repair corrupt or damaged PST files on your Mac OS.

The software that i'll be using for this video can repair PSD files of all sizes and PSD files edited on all versions ofAdobe Photoshop The software that i'll be using for this video can also be downloaded by just visiting this link.

I am clicking on 'Download Now' button that you see here to freely download thissoftware on your Mac you can also visit the link that i've provided belowto download this software.

Anyway, i'll quickly run this software on my Mac and will show you how easy it is to repair your PSD files using this software on yourMac So after you've downloaded this software, launch it and here's what the main screen looks like On this software looks like.

So, all you find on the main screen is a browse button that lets you browse and select the PSD files thatyou are looking to repair click on the Browse button and then select the PSD file that you arelooking to repair After the PSD file has been selected, click on the repair button The software now begins to repair the PSD file and on next screen.

you can click on preview to check if the PSD file has been repaired successfully.

You can see that my file has been repaired.

So what i'll do is I click on the "Save" button that I seehere and save this PSD file to a folder on my Mac.

This is the default name given to the repaired file by this software and this is the folder on my desktop to which the repaired PSD will be saved to.

I click on "Save".

and the software now begins to save my PSD file to that folder and once the saving process is completed, i can go back to the target folder and check if the file has been repaired successfully.

So, here's the PSD file that was repaired successfully by this software As you can see, it just took me a few mouseclicks to repair the PSD file on my Mac by making use of this software.

So, if you have a PST file that needs to berepaired on your Mac then just get this software from the link provided below and fix all the errors on your PSD file Anyway, thanks for watching and do hit the like button or subscribe to my channel to watch more of my upcoming videos.