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The Weather App is a main stay in Windows since it's revamp in Windows 8 and while not much has changed in Windows 10 it still doesn't auto detect your location out of the box which means you have to set it up.

To get it looking at the right area clickthe start button so that you can see that it's likely pointing at Portland or some other major city in your time zone if you haven't set it up yet.

Click on the App tile in order to open theapplication and then click on the menu item here in order to pull it over so you can read the options or just click on the gear icon at the button to open the Settings.

Now you can set your unit of measurement here, and being Canadian I use Celsius.

Below that, it you travel a lot you can setthe app to auto detect your location on laptops or a windows tablet but if the system is adesktop I suggest setting you home town as the Default location.

You'll also want to use the default location if you're using a VPN service.

Since you location is drawn from you IP and VPN service changes your location based on where it's set for.

When you come back to your home screen you finally have your local weather, maps and historical data.

Another quick thing you can setup is Favorite Places.

If you have a town that you visit often or your have friendsand family anywhere else in the world you can add them here so that you can see how their day is going weather-wise at a glance when you click on your Places icon.

And that's the Windows 10 Weather App setup for ya.

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