yeah yeah yeah hello friends are you guys looking forthe way that how to fix that crack phone screen then keep watching this video thephone touch contains two screens the outer glass protective screen and theactual touchscreen also called the digitizer the steps below explain how toreplace both depending on which is broken step 1 carefully remove the chromebacking of your phone with your phone opening tools or a flathead screwdriverdo this by sliding the tool between the gap of the chrome backing in the frontfaceplate after working your way steadily around the phone the back willpop off step to place your phone facedown on a table or other surface younow need to remove the rechargeable battery do so by carefully prying atupward it is glued to the phone so it will take some effort to remove it step 3 remove the logic board it isattached to the battery and is secured with four screws keep the screws safelynearby step 4 take out the liquid crystaldisplay LCD digitizer the budget Iser is held in place by 16 tiny screws keep thescrews in a safe place step 5 if applicable replace the brokendigitizer with the new one to the spy on plug in your broken LCD screen carefullyyou can see the block plug in the image then plug in your new LCD screen i hopeyou like this video if you liked this video then give it a thumbs up and goneforget to subscribe our channel thanks for watching.

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