losing screws during a phone repair andneed a way to keep track of them take a look at them an extra Matabeleland trackfix the screen matt is a magnetic surface with a high quality image on top as you remove the screws from the phoneyou're repairing you can set them on top of the screen matte and it will holdthem in place the diagram on the screen that has the designated area alreadyshown so you know where to place the screws are small parts when you removethe screw go ahead and take it out and said it in the proper location that'smarked with a circle and it will magnetically hold in place diagrams on the scream at for all thesmall pieces of metal shields to scream at allows you stay organizedduring disassembly and reassembly scream at is available for manydifferent iPads iPods and iPhones sure to pick up your scream atFordDirect fix dot com.

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