Hey it's Mason and Remy, say hi.

And I'm Brett Andrews from Z107.

7 sorry, Hey it's Mason wave hi Remy.

from 93.

7 the bull and 103.

3 KLOU and of course me Brett Andrews from Z107.

7, I dropped again so.

We're at a Schnucks location there's tons from all around the city these great FoxPaw kiosks you canget your device your phone your tablet reader your your whatever fixed they'reaveraging like 2 and a half hour turn around time which is incredible so I think what we should do is we shouldget this thing fixed because I don't wanna keep cutting my hand anymore so we're gonna bring Meg from FoxPaw in, Hi Meg welcome, alright so we've got this unbelievable kiosk let's get this thing fixed You have the iPad 2? iPad 2, so basically we justanswered a couple questions were gonna throw this thing and it's gonna be all set what's wrong with your device? Write Brett is an idiot and dropped it Lets keep it simple Okay easy! so easy! passcode? So now by putting this in you'rebasically able to you kind of follow along as it's fixed, yeah? Yes.

Don't want to give everybody your phone number now! Ha, you can call me at 555-5555 šŸ˜‰ gotta read through all this and you just check out all right here we go Look at that it gives us an order number right here where we can follow along with the repair they guarantee it in about four hours or less butit's taking like two and a half hours from what I'm hearing, which is so awesome so officially right now a FoxPaw courier has been dispatched And we're back, it's been a couple hours we got an email notification that our iPad is fixed and back here at the kiosk we have retrieved it Look at that! How cool is this? So let's take this thing out you guys saw how messed up this thingwas when we dropped it in look at that, good as new my friends! how incredible is that! You guys FoxPaw.

Com they are adding these kiosks all over the city especially in Schnucksso you guys check them out FoxPaw.

Com And I'm not going to drop this again!.

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