So in this video today we are going to giveyou a quick tip to see if your remote is functioning.

So this video is going to be for if your TVis not responding to your remote, but it still works with the keypad.

This is a good wayto check that your remote is transmitting.

All you are going to need for this is a remoteand a cell phone.

This is going to work with more cell phones, some are not sensitive toinfrared, and may not function.

If you are not sure grab another one from a friend andjust try using that.

OK, so you are going to want to load up yourcamera app on your phone and once you have done that, you are going to go ahead and youare going to point the remote right at the camera lens.

When you do it, you can justpoint straight at the lens and then you can press any button on the remote and you aregoing to check the screen.

So if the remote is working, you are going to see it blinkingon your phone.

We have dimmed the lights in here, so youcan see it, but when the remote is working you are going to see when you push the button,that the LED in the end of the remote lights up.

That is a sign that your remote is workingand that it is probably an issue with your TV.

If you don't see the remote blinking inyour phone, it could be one of a few things.

It could mean that the remote is defectiveor it could mean that you have bad batteries.

The first step is to go ahead and replacethe batteries with a fresh set and repeat the test.

If you still don't see it, thenits time to get a new remote.

So here are ShopJimmy.

Com, we sell a lot ofmodel specific remotes and also universal remotes.

You can go ahead and search by the model number which is usually found on the remote.

On thisone it is right here, or it can also be found on the back of the remote in the battery compartmenton a lot of models.

Or you can search by the model number from your TV.

If we don't have one listed for your TV by the remote number or by the model number,you can go ahead and look at our universal remotes, which work with pretty much any TVout there.

If you are looking for a universal remote, you can just go to our website andsearch for universal remote and that will bring up a full listing of all our remotesavailable.

Thank you for watching one of our many tutorialshere at Shopjimmy.


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