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Although we're primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repairwe are experts in repairing many different types of electronic devices like tablets,laptops, computers, Mp3 players, game systems, and GPS systems just to name a few.

Our customers occasionally complain abouttheir iPad being completely unresponsive.

Before going in for an iPad repair try toreset your device.

To do that hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button (which is the button atthe top) and the "Home" button (which is the round button in the center of the bottom ofthe screen) at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds.

You should see the Apple logo appearon the screen if this has worked, and should be able to use you iPad again once it finishespowering on.

If this doesn't solve your problem take your device into an iPhone repair oriPad repair exert like those at CPR-Cell Phone Repair St.


I hope this helps! We know you have a few options for stuff likeiPhone repair St.

Louis, iPad repair St.

Louis, water damaged iPhone repair, touch screenphone repair and appreciate the opportunity at earning your business, so If you have somethingthat is in need of a little TLC please check us out at www.


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