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Here are six beautiful concepts of the IPhone 7.

Number 6.

Curved edges.

It looks so beautiful on the Samsung GalaxyS6 Edge Plus and even better on the IPhone 7 concept.

The images really do pop out atyou.

No no Tim, it's too late for that Samsunghas already done it, they've done it.

Number 5.

The IPhone Galaxy S7.

I'm not saying that's what they would callit if this was the IPhone 7, however this looks like a fusion of the Samsung GalaxyS6 Edge Plus and the IPhone 6S fused with the two beautifuledges I mentioned earlier.

If you look at the home button you'll see it's intergratedinto the LCD.

You can actually see what's being displayedon the screen, on this clickable home button.

Number 4.

The flex sev.

The flexible IPhone7.

What the fuck? I just got news this phoneisn't being flexed, it's actually curved.

Imagine how annoying it would be to try andreach the first two coloms of the Apps with your thumb.

I cansee this thing begging to break in so many ways.

How do you even hold this thing? Number 3.

Whaaat? You mean to tell me the same way the conceptvideos for the IPhones 4, 5, and 6 had fake projectors, we're getting fake projectorson the IPhone 7 too? Number 2.

Well that's stupid.

There's a reason why the Samsung Galaxy S6Edge Plus Even has a bezel.

I can see people accidentally launching Apps with their palmthe moment the device is unlocked for usage.

Imagine you're a teenagerwatching some educational videos on how babies are born.

Your right arm starts to get soarfor some odd reason, so you switch the phone over to yourleft hand and Bam! The palm of your hand is on the volume up button and your mom hearsit all.

I don't know why you would get in trouble for it, unlessyou're doing something you're not supose to.

Educational videos huh? Last but not least.

Number 1.

Where the motherboard at huh? Where the, wherethe battery at huh? Cool concepts, this phone is like two million years into the future.

No battery, motherboard, power button, charging port, or headphonejack? Okay.

Say this thing is bluetooth compatible or whatever, and your bluetooth headphonesdies, now what? You're fucked dude! Now you don't have an excuseto why you can't talk to that guy that smells like Bacon and Gravy on your sixteen hourflight.

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