hi I'm Adam with CPR cell phone repairst.

louis although we are primarily known for mobile phone wireless phone repair we are expert repairing all kinds ofdifferent types of electronic devices.

the increased demand for cell phone andsmall device repairs like broken screen or crack screen repairshas set the stage for the independent cellphone repairspace.

although the demand is already very high supplyof competent authorized independent repair centers is still very small and highlyfragmented.

CPR cell phone repair is the oldest most widely known and respected brandname in the industry.

with a credible reputation for makingquality repairs on all smartphones, including, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, blackberry , Window Mobile OS phones andcountless other electronic devices like iPod, iPad, tablets, mp3 players, xbox 360, ps3, laptops, computers , GPS systems just to name a few.

so if you in or around St.

Louis and are in need of iPhone repair, iPad repai, orr really any type of gadgetrepair we currently have locations creve couer, mehlville, brentwood, Chesterfield, St.

peters,Manchester, florissant or if you need cell phone repair in Illinois you can find us in Fairview Heights.

locationsmove around from time to time so it's a good idea to check out our website before you head out at cellphone repair-stlouis.


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