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Although we're primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repairwe are experts in repairing many different types of electronic devices like tablets,laptops, computers, Mp3 players, game systems, and GPS systems just to name a few.

There are certain common cell phone and tabletcleaning materials, which have a negative effect on most devices.

Consumers need tobe aware of these risks in order to avoid causing unintended damage during the cleaningprocess.

One common household cleaning solution thatcan cause harm when cleaning iPhones, iPads and Android devices is Rubbing alcohol.

Acidityof rubbing alcohol can have a negative effect on the screen of a smart phone, which couldcause difficulty in viewing the interface affecting the functionality of a device.

As an alternative, a microfiber cloth is anideal way to clean the screen and remove things like dirt, oil, make-up, smudges and justabout anything else you can think of.

When in doubt about any best practices consultan iPhone, iPad or Android device cleaning expert such as CPR Cell Phone Repair St.


The experienced staff can recommend several professional solutions and tools to properlyclean your device without risk of damage.

Also, We know you have a few options for stufflike iPhone repair St.

Louis, iPad repair St.

Louis, water damaged iPhone repair, touchscreen phone repair and appreciate the opportunity at earning your business, so If you have somethingthat is in need of a little TLC please check us out at www.


Com,call 855-4CPR-STL, or stop by CPR St.

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