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Hi I am Adam with CPR-Cell Phone Repair inSt.


Although we're primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repairwe are experts in repairing many different types of electronic devices like, iPads, iPods,computers, Mp3 players, game systems, and GPS systems just to name a few.

Are you a business owner or decision makerin a company that provides phones and other electronic devices to staff members? If youare then you know how often need they get damaged.

In a lot of cases your carrier cannot repairthe device for you.

Frequently the only solution you might be offered is to buy a full pricedreplacement.

Typically companies don't issue all employeesequipment, but these employees have personal cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

that getdamaged as well.

Wouldn't it be nice to leverage your numbers so they get a discount on serviceat no cost to you? There are solutions that can save your company and your employee'stime and money.

If you do represent a business and are lookingto partner with a professional repair company for all your and your valued employees electronicneeds it is a good idea to ask the following questions: Is their location convenient? Do they provide pick-up and delivery service? Do they keep a good stock of parts on-handfor most of the devices your company uses? Are they willing to guarantee same or nextday service? Will they discount service for employee ownedequipment? If your business is in or around St.

Louisand are looking for a exclusive partner to service both your business and your employeesequipment and save time and money for things like iPhone repair St.

Louis, iPad repairSt.

Louis, water damaged iPhone repair, touch screen phone repair and more then I wouldlike to invite you to check out CPR-Cell Phone Repair St.

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Com,call 855-4CPR-STL.

or stop by: CPR St.

Peters, CPR Brentwood, CPR Chesterfield, CPR Manchester,CPR Creve Coeur, CPR Florissant, CPR Mehlville, or if you are on the Illinois side you canfind CPR Fairview Heights.

I hope this helps, and we hope to providebusiness solutions for you soon.

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