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Hi, I'm Adam with CPR-Cell Phone Repair inSt.


Although we are primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repair,we also provide service for many other electronic devices including but not limited to tablets,laptops, game systems, GPS systems, and mp3 players.

Did you just break your device, and althoughyou like it, you aren't sure if it makes sense to fix it, or replace it? If so you have someoptions that you may not be aware of.

Since you really like the features of yourdevice, it may make sense to replace it with the same model that's in better shape.

Youcould also move up to a newer device, which offers more features than the older model.

Or, it might make sense to fix the one you have.

Regardless of what the best option is foryour particular situation a reputable repair shop should listen to your need, go over youroptions and explain the pros and cons of those options but ultimately let you decide whatis best.

If you feel like the business is pressuringyou into one option only it may be because it is in their best interest NOT yours.

We know you have a few options for St.

Louiscell phone repair, St.

Louis iPhone repair, water damaged iPhone repair, touch screenphone repair and appreciate the opportunity at earning your business.

Remember don't letthe name CPR-Cell Phone Repair trick you we repair devices of all kinds like tablets,iPads, laptops, and computers just to name a few.

If you have something that is in needof a little TLC please check us out at www.


Com, call 855-4CPR-STL, or of course stop by oneof our many St.

Louis area locations.

Thank you.

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