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Louis iPhone repair, etc! Callus! Hi, I'm Adam with CPR-Cell Phone Repair inSt.


Although we are primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repairwe are experts in repairing many different types of electronic devices.

Did you recently drop your Ipad face downon the concrete and now your left with a cracked screen? Or, maybe you're having issues withthe charge port on your tablet making it useless? To make the best of a bad situation repairingyour device is most likely the best low cost solution to get your equipment back in workingcondition right away.

If you do decide to get a repair it is a good idea to inquireabout the type of warranty you can expect.

There is difference in quality and if thefolks you choose are not willing to warranty the parts and labor there is a chance thatyou are dealing with a company that isn't reputable.

We know you have a few options for St.

Louiscell phone repair, St.

Louis iPhone repair, water damaged iPhone repair, and touch screenphone repair and appreciate the opportunity at earning your business.

Please remember not let the name CPR-CellPhone Repair trick you we professionally repair tablets, iPads, laptops, computers, Mp3 players,GPS systems and more every single day.

If you have something that is in need of a littleTLC please check us out at www.


Com, call 855-4CPR-STL, or of course stop by oneof our many St.

Louis area locations.

Thank you.

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