Hi, I'm Adam with CPR Cell Phone Repair inSt.


Although we are primarily known for mobile phone and wireless phone repair,we also provide service for many other electronic devices including but not limited to smartphones,iPhone and iPad, tablets, laptops, and game systems like xBox and PS3.

Do you have old or used cell phones that havealready been replaced? If you're anything like me they are probably taking up some spacein your junk drawer.

Regardless of how old they might be it still feels like a waistto just throw them out.

Right? If so then I have some good news for you.

Make back some of the cost of your new phone by selling your old phones for cash or tradingthem for merchandise you will actually use.

It is a trend that is getting more and morepopular these days.

but make sure to remember this advice.

People tend to forget is how big of an invasionof privacy selling your old phone can be.

Maybe you have pictures of your family infront of your house with the address clearly visible? These days, there are even apps that allowyou to track certain contacts using GPS location.

I'm not trying to scare you, but I want toalert you to real potential threats that exist.

A reputable company will wipe your phone ofany data, and then prove it to you so you leave with peace of mind.

While exploring your different repair options,make sure you ask about the level of training the service technicians have.

At CPR CellPhone Repair, our technicians go through extensive training, so you can be sure your device isin the best hands of any of the St.

Louis cell phone repair companies.

If you are in need of St.

Louis iPhone repair,water damaged iPhone repair, touch screen phone repair, or really any type of cell phonerepair or maybe you just want to trade in your phone for cash or merchandise, pleasecheck us out at www.


Com, call 855-4CPR-STL, or of course stop by oneof our many St.

Louis area locations.

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