Hi, I'm Adam with CPR Cell Phone Repair inSt.


Although we are primarily known for mobile phone, wireless phone repair, wealso provide service for many other electronic devices including but not limited too smartphones,iPhone and iPad, tablets, laptops, and game systems like xBox and PS3.

Have you ever dropped your phone and beenstuck with a cracked screen? If you've had a cell phone for any length of time the answeris most likely yes.

Many people don't know that you have options.

Repairing your device may save you a lot of heartache and more importantly, can be a lowcost way to get your phone back in action fast.

While exploring different phone repair services, be sure to ask what type of warranty theyprovide.

There is a difference in quality and if they are not willing to warranty theparts or labor, you might be dealing with a business that isn't reputable.

We know goingback and forth about what is or isn't covered is the last thing you want to do.

ALSO, make sure you ask about the level of training the service technicians have.

AtCPR Cell Phone Repair, our technicians go through extensive training, so you can besure your device is in the best hands of any of the St.

Louis cell phone repair companies.

If you are in need of St.

Louis iPhone repair, water damaged iPhone repair, touch screenphone repair, or really any type of cell phone repair or maybe you just want to trade inyour phone for cash or merchandise, please check us out at www.


Com,call 855-4CPR-STL, or of course stop by one of our many St.

Louis area locations.

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